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2573LT      Den Haag

Tel. 070 365 77 33



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di – vr   9.30 tot 17.30 
za 10.00 tot 15.00 

Gratis parkeren tot 18.00 uur

Randstad lijn 4 halte op 60 mtr 

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BIC INGBN2A       

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OBnr NL8088.98.462.B.01

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  1. Hi

    I have recived a packet from you.

    It’s my adress, but to my girlfriend Frida aka @theedora on instagram.

    There is a problem with the customs. They need å Bill with the value of the packet.
    As i have understood, the agreement with Frida and you was that it was a gift.

    Is it possible for you to mail me an invoice which proves the value óf the packet? For free import in the customs i need this value to be less than 350 NOK.

    Is this something you can fix?

    Thank you

    Per Sverre Sæther for Frida isadåra Årseth (theedora)

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